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New Multi-color Flashlight Technology

admin / 11 Aug, 2021

White light helps you a lot indeed when you do some outdoor activities, like hiking, caving, search and rescue, and even tactical self-defense by blinding the opponent’s eyes, etc.

While, in the room or house, the room is limited and the walls are reflectable, so the reflections of white light is strong enough to hurt your eyes even if you don’t look at the light source directly. Or you want to take care of your baby, or loving pet. And also the wild animals can be scared away easily by the white light. Then a different color, weaker or protective to eyes, is necessary. One flashlight with multiple colors is welcome, or even necessary in many scenarios.

Till now in the market, there are mainly two types of multi-color flashlights. One is the flashlight is integrated with more than one LEDs, white, green, and red onto one board. You can choose the color you want by turning the color switch. This solves a great problem, choosing different color lights from one flashlight.


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